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Our Enrichment

All for our children

Mathematics Enrichment

Mon-Friday 2:30-3:30 pm (P1-P6) 

P1 Math & Language program


Heuristics questions make up more than 80% of the PSLE Math Paper 2.


Here, we provide intensive practice on all 12 Heuristics skills across P1 to P6. This would help children excel NOT only in PSLE Math,  but also equally develops important life skills such as thinking and analytical skills.


With that, children would develop skills to identify patterns, establish connections between concepts and explore alternative ways of solving real-world problems.   

Taekwondo Enrichment

Every Friday 5pm-6pm

  • Build confidence

  • Teach self-discipline

  • Enforce respect & good manner

  • Improve concentration

  • It is just a great fun

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Young Scientist Experiments


Our P1 and P2 students always feel like they can't wait to study P3 Science and other grades are also keen to have this program!

Language Program

Daily Basis, students who finished homework, spelling, and tuition can freely watch. Scheduled and supervised by teachers

This language program includes:

  • Science Songs;

  • Poems;

  • 172 Chinese Stories;

  • 260 English Stories;

  • Traditional Literary Reading.

  • We have more than 1000 books in our library which our students can read freely after they finished the homework, spelling, and tuition. 

Build vocabulary; Encourage creativity; Reading aloud

Practice oral

Stimulate scientific interest.

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Group play twice every week under teacher's guidance at our own playground, every year teach 4 lessons during June holiday for new students 

  • increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health

  • Develop team spirit

  • Teach self-discipline

  • Enforce respect & good manner

  • Improve concentration

  • It is just a great fun

Presentation Skill & Leadship  

We purposely let our students to practice their  presentation skill and leadship skills through daily center management and programs. 

They have a lot of opportunities to do the presentation or speak in front of their classmates, and be the leader of the group through programs and activities.  


We have students are very shy, but brave. They climbed to the podium at their first time. They are very proud of themselves when they were comfortable and confident to talk in front of the classmates after 6 months-1 year practice.

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