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Started in 2021, MOE has set up eight scoring bands for PSLE called Achievement Levels (ALs). Those who score 90 marks or above for a subject will earn an AL1, those who score between 85 and 89 will receive an AL2, and 80-84 an AL3, and so on. But the bands get broader at the bottom: AL5 ranges between 65 to 74, while scores between 45 and 64 receive an AL6.

These changes have left some parents worried, as they fear that children who struggle academically could be less motivated to push themselves due to broader bands at the bottom.




2020 is the 3rd year of Wharton Student Care Pte Ltd. By this year, our first batch of students was promoted to primary3. Every year, all the schools in Singapore will screen all primary 3 students and shortlist the best performing students to join GEP (Gifted Education Program).  

At Wharton, we believe that students develop at different rates, we should allow them to blossom at their own pace. We believe that GEP students are those who got high intellectual potential and we never place to our target.

However, we have taken this school screening opportunity to review the performance of our centre's system.  We were pleasantly surprised to have two good news

  1. In one of the schools, our P3 students in this school were selected to attend the extra class (around 4-6 conducted lessons) for good-performance students. These classes only select 1 to 4 students in each class for each subject in their school. We only have 6 primary3 students in this school, but 5 of them were selected to attend the 2-4 subjects (The left one student from this school joined us from P2 with quite a weak foundation in certain subjects and now she is doing well with strong confidence as well). The same situation happened in another school.​

2. ​Several of our P3 students were shortlisted for GEP in Oct 2020.

​This result comes from the best efforts of our students, school educators, parents, and all of our Wharton student care teachers

The secret is, that most of them are normal kids. When they are doing tuition papers in our center, they frequently have mistakes and questions that they need us to teach. This situation is happening not only in the past but now. That means, your child/children can reach that level as well. Under our system, if they work hard and parents join cooperative like the students us in 2018.

At the Wharton student care, students’ academic result is not our only focus. Even students who are currently not performing so well in certain subjects, often feel a sense of accomplishment.  The ‘power of small wins never fails’ here. We always tell students "The mistakes you make are meaningful as they are progressing and growth". The focus of our work is more of the following aspects: continuous operational system review and innovation; Serious daily tuition, homework supervision, Spelling exercises/assessment; Great emphasis on good learning habits, learning attitudes, and social & emotional intelligence, personality traits associated with altruistic and kind behavior. 

A good result is a natural & logical consequence



Contact Number: +65 66043466

Address: 500 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 1C, The Salvation Army Building (1 minute from Hillview MRT station)

As a parent, you don’t need to worry if your child is one of our Wharton students. In our center, the battle alarm of PSLE does not ring from primary 5 or 6 but from primary 1.​

But I would like to say that studying should be a happy learning journey rather than just a PSLE battle. For excellent students, the straight A is just a natural result of a combination of good study habits, keen learning interest and diligent character. An excellent academic result is what we are dedicated to bringing to our students.


We are unique. Rather than calling ourselves a “student care & tuition center”, I prefer to regard our center as an integrated afternoon school for students whose parents are seeking a high-quality student care center which can provide strong support to develop children physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and morally. I sincerely hope that parents are willing to accept our price range for the better food and higher-quality teachers. The interests of our students are of the upmost importance to us.

Our team comprises of teachers with higher than average qualification in the field. Moreover, our teachers are handpicked to possess a strong sense of responsibility and compassion to students, which I believe are essential for our children. Through our daily tuition and homework supervision services, we will build up student’s learning foundation, enhance their confidence and stretch their limits. They will form a habit of reviewing and previewing periodically as well. Our teachers are required to know very well of every student’s strengths and weaknesses respectively.

Character building is another cornerstone of our mission, we conduct this program every Friday for P1 & P2 students. I firmly believe that while it is useful for students to achieve excellent academic results, being equipped for success and a happy life is paramount to holistic development of students.

Our character building activities are designed by a famous education expert and recommended by famous family education expert Dr. David Walsh.  Together with our team’s efforts, you are most likely to experience more joy from parenting.

My grandfather, once a major general and director in Taiwan’s military history bureau, who passed away several years ago at the age of 92, had told me that one should always recognize the importance of being socially conscious to take pleasure in his or her responsibility. I cherish his words as always.  

Our professional and passionate team will try our best to contribute our society and community, and make you be proud of sending your child into our center to become one of our Wharton Students!


Judy Luo


Wharton Student Care  Centre Pte Ltd                                                                                     

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